Writing Update! Finishing the First Draft

Hi everyone!dsc03339

So, as you can tell from the title – I HAVE FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT OF MY NOVEL.

😀 😀

That was my face when I wrote the last few words. I was ecstatic! I had actually finished
writing this story that had been in my head for months, which is something that rarely happens to me. The characters had grown and suffered and laughed, my world was all set up; this idea had turned into something tangible and real. I was thrilled, and I still am! I think as writers it’s hard to be pleased with what you’ve created because you always think that there’s a book that will be better than yours, but we should give ourselves more credit – we create worlds and people and plots just from our heads! (And the savior that is Pinterest. God bless.)

I gave it a bit more time and stepped away from my draft for a few days, and I started to think: What comes next? (And then I started singing Hamilton because I am obsessed).
But seriously, what happens after first drafts? What did I do now? No new scenes to write, no more cute character moments to think of? I had spent so much of my time in this draft, there had been so many moments when I would be having a crappy day and looking forward to writing more of my story would cheer me up, and now it’s over? After all these questions, my face turned into something like this:


What happens next is editing, which is even scarier than a massive story-sized chasm in my life! This story is going to – hopefully – be the first in a five(ish) book series, so as dsc03343much as I want to dive right in and plot the second book, I need to edit this first draft before I even think about the second one. Funny thing about editing my first novel is that: a) I have never edited anything but coursework before because I am not dedicated at all, and b) I hand-wrote my first draft. It came to one and a half notebooks’ worth. Which means that I need to type up one and a half notebooks’ worth of novel before I can edit it. *cries*

Anyway, I’m about eight chapters in and there’s so much that needs rewriting, so many plot point that no longer make sense. Also literally every character sighs?? Like all the time?? Why do I do this?! But I’m enjoying it all the same; there are loads of scenes that I had completely forgotten about, so it’s nice rediscovering them!

So that’s where I am with writing at the moment! How is your work in progress doing? Do you have any editing tips? Or do you have any weird things that you wrote that doesn’t make sense (Like my perpetually sighing characters) ? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂



Writerly Ramblings 3 – A Writing Playlist

Hi all!

Writing is – surprisingly – going well! I’ve passed the halfway point in the story, and it’s so rewarding to see how everything is fitting together. Plots and subplots are coming together, relationships are being made – or broken, as I am an evil writer! –  and I feel comfortable in the world finally.

One of the hardest things about creating a fictional world, I think, is making up customs and a feeling that these are a normal thing in the characters’ lives. I’ve had to sit down and focus on what different things my characters do in this world, and more importantly why; I don’t just want to have a tradition just to have a tradition if that makes sense.

Character-wise I think they’re what I intended them to be. For the first time in my writing I’m really thinking if a character would say what I want them to say, if their actions are typical for them or if they need justifying or changing. I’m writing from two different points of view – Esme’s and Marisol’s – and one thing I’m finding hard is trying to keep their voices distinct. They’re both strong independent characters but in different ways, so it’s a task to keep them in line!

I thought I would share some of the songs I listen to while writing! I have a playlist of about 30ish songs that I just put on a loop when I write, which mainly consist of Ruelle, Halsey, and Broods (Sidenote: I just discovered Broods and they are AMAZING!). Here are 10 songs that I find create an epic, let’s-go-write-a-kickass-scene atmosphere.

  1. Live Like Legends – Ruelle
  2. Bridges – Broods
  3. Is There Somewhere – Halsey
  4. Alive – Sia
  5. If You Leave Me Now – Foxes
  6. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers
  7. Bad Dream – Ruelle
  8. Rise Up (Reprise) – Foxes
  9. Figure 8 – Ellie Goulding
  10. Conscious – Broods

All of these songs help me set the scene for a certain chapter, and most of them make my characters feel more badass. I believe that music can help you create emotions in your writing, and sometimes you’ll stumble along a song that completely fits your novel. For my story, I think either Rise Up or Conscious work well.

Let me know if you like this playlist, and I’ll make another! What are some of your favourite songs to write to? How is your writing going? I’d love to hear from fellow writers!
Thanks for reading (:

Writerly Ramblings 2

Hi all!

Since my last Writerly Rambling, which you can find here, a lot has changed. First of all, I no longer have to revise so I have a lot more time to focus on reading and writing! However, I am furiously ignoring my first work in progress because I just don’t have any motivation to finish it, which is a shame as I really liked it in the beginning. I always end up doing that, and it really annoys me! Does anyone else struggle to power through to the end of a story?

BUT – I have now planned three out of five books in the series! And I have ideas for the fourth one, too.

BUT BUT – I am now at that horrible stage where I am doubting myself. The moment I’ve looked forward to in my third book now seems rushed, the plot seems too complicated to work, and I’m changing a lot of the first book – introducing a new point of view, a new sub plot, and generally changing most of the plot in the middle whilst trying to reach the same ending. Because I’ve had such a break from writing, I’m struggling to find my ‘voice’ so to speak, but I’m hoping if I keep pushing through it I’ll get back into it again.

Writing is such a relaxing hobby! (She lies…)

Somehow, I’ve actually managed to start writing, and so far I’m trying to get used to the world and the characters. There are parts that I’m not too happy with already, but I’m attempting to remember that this is just a first draft, and there are bound to be sections that aren’t that great; that’s what editing is for! I also think I need a prologue now that I’ve started writing, but that will wait until I’ve finished the story.

I’m not going to lie, the first chapter is essentially two of my characters being the sassy and sarcastic characters they are, but it was fun to write so for now it’s staying as it is.

Here is the first line of the story, which I think sums up the relationship between my protagonist and her friend very well:

Esme Arnmore pounded her fist against the door. “Jay Fredicks, if you don’t get out of this house in one second I am leaving without you!”

Let me know how your work in progress is going! Are you outlining, writing, or editing?  What’s your favourite part of your WIP so far? 

Thanks for reading(:

Writerly Ramblings

Hi all!

I thought I would start a new segment on this ol’ blog: Writerly Ramblings, a place where we can all discuss our writing wins and woes!

At the moment I’m working – or meant to be working – on two different projects: one story that I’m about 3/4 of the way through writing, that needs a sequel planning and an ending writing; and a five book series, two of which are planned out. They are both fantasy/young adult, but quite different, and both are written in third person because that’s the only tense I like writing in! And instead of focusing on the first one and getting it completed before moving onto the second one, which is the most sensible and logical idea…I’m just planning the series. Oops! I think the problem is that writing is a bit like Sims: it’s a lot more fun planning and setting things up than actually writing it. And it doesn’t help that I have a lot of distractions, like…

1. School

So this is a necessary distraction, but because I have homework and long days and need to reread all of the books in this picture (+ 1984, which I forgot to include), writing slips down the priority list, unfortunately. Paradise Lost and Hamlet especially take forever to read because, while Shakespearean era writing is beautiful and poetic, it requires a lot more attention than all the lovely other books I want to read – and write!

2. Books

Speaking of the lovely other books I want to read, you may not know, but a little book called LADY MIDNIGHT came out this month…and all I want to do is read it! I’m almost halfway through and loving every syllable, but it takes up writing time!

3. Hamilton

I listened to a few songs from Hamilton, the musical, a few months ago and thought they were ok, but nothing special. And now here we are, with me having all 45 songs on my iPod and trying to learn all of the raps! The problem with this is that there are some songs – like Non-Stop and The Schuyler Sisters – which you can’t not sing along to, so I end up focusing on the lyrics rather than what I’m meant to be writing.

But it’s worth it, because…well, it’s Hamilton!

 Amidst all these distractions, I have miraculously managed to plot out all of books one and two of my five book series, and am now starting on the third! One of the problems I’m trying to work out – aside from ignoring other works, as I am so very good at! – is dealing with multiple POVs. The first book is told from one perspective, the second from three, and then in the third I’ve tried to write from four different people’s views. The only issue with that is that I’m slowly realising I can’t include everything I wanted into this one book, otherwise it’ll be never ending! I think I’ve solved this as I’ve changed when things happen, but I know it’s going to come up again later on!

I hope you liked this new form of post! Let me know in the comments if you’re currently working on anything at the moment – how is it going? What genre is it?